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Title Supply of major pumps to the Fire Services Department,
Document number 1522310964.5257
Publication date 23.03.2018
Reference A2500832017
Authority name Fire Services Department
Country Hong Kong
Type of authority 1 - Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Deadline 04.05.2018
Contract 2 - Supply contract
Procedure 1 - Open procedure
Document 3 - Contract notice
Regulation 7 - WTO
CPV code 29000000 - Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products
NUTS code
Main activity

Tender Subject

Supply of major pumps to the Fire Services Department, delivery by 3 consignments.

Requisitioning Bureau / Department

Fire Services Department

Date of Tender Issue

23 March 2018 (Hong Kong Time)


27 units


To carry out fire fighting and rescue operations

Delivery Schedule

Delivery by 3 consignments.

General Enquiry

Telephone Number

(852) 22315300

Fax Number

(852) 28072764

E-Mail Address