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Title Supply of bridge inspection vehicles,
Document number 1515639095.5761
Publication date 05.01.2018
Reference AD200972017
Authority name Electrical
Country Hong Kong
Type of authority 1 - Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Deadline 23.02.2018
Contract 2 - Supply contract
Procedure 1 - Open procedure
Document 3 - Contract notice
Regulation 7 - WTO
CPV code 34000000 - Motor vehicles, trailers and vehicle parts
NUTS code
Main activity

Tender Subject

Supply of bridge inspection vehicles to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund, the vehicles to be ready to use within 12 months from the contract date.

Requisitioning Bureau / Department

Electrical & Mechanical Services Trading Fund

Date of Tender Issue

5 January 2018 (Hong Kong Time)


2 units


To conduct inspection and maintenance of the superstructure and underneath of four (4) bridges namely the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Kap Shui Mun Bridge, the Ting Kau Bridge and the Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong.

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